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Custom Experiences


Experiential interactives encourage exploration. Participants use their movement as a means to engage other senses.

Exhibits available for lease (3 month minimum) or purchase:

Mind Boogie
Mind Boogie is an experience that challenges a player’s mind/body memory. The objective is to see how long of a tone sequence/movement pattern the player can recall. The game begins with the computer playing a tone and displaying the corresponding shape. The player must repeat what the computer did by stepping on the mat. If the player is correct, the computer replays the first tone/shape and then adds another one to the sequence. Then, the player must repeat the sequence. This process continues until the player fails at mimicking the computer.

Mind Boogie Screen Design

Mind Boogie - Screen Design

Mind Boogie - Mat Design

Mind Boogie - Mat Design

Moving the Motion
Moving the Motion is an interactive based on a simple premise: participants simply control the speed of the video with the motion their bodies. The video is comprised of several clips of objects in motion. Giving users control over the video allows them to see how things move in a way that is not possible when viewing video at standard speeds. The physical component of the interaction gives the user a sense of the energy expended to create the motion being viewed on the screen.

Moving the Motion - Sample Screen Sequence

Moving the Motion - Sample Screen Sequence

Musical Hopscotch
An interactive hopscotch game that triggers audio and visuals. Successfully completing the hopscotch game results in a completion of a simple animation of a growth process. Several different animated sequences are displayed at random. Hopscotch mat size: 3’ x 12’.

Musical Hopscotch - Sample Scren Sequence

Musical Hopscotch - Sample Screen Sequence

Musical Hopscotch Mat
Musical Hopscotch - Mat Design
The Sight of Sound
The Sight of Sound gives participants a chance to be audio/visual D.J.s using their bodies to generate beats, loops and abstract graphics on a screen. The mat design encourages kids to experiment moving and stomping in different spots to change the dynamics of the sound and images. Five different visualization and audio styles are included in the experience. Players will quickly discover how to toggle among different output modes. Great collaborative, addictive fun for “D.J.s” of all ages. Mat size: 6’ x 8’.

The Sight of Sound - Screen Design

Sight of Sound - Mat Design

The Sight of Sound - Mat Design

Sight of Sound - Mat Design

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