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We are always willing to develop custom interactives to meet a client's needs. Almost any type of content is suitable for an interactive, animated, movement driven experinece science, nature, zoology, astronomy, health, and more. We welcome the challenge.

For more information about custom experiences, please contact: custom@animocation.com

Learn More about "Trouble in the Tar Pits", a custom interactive experience created for the Santa Maria Discovery Museum. In this game the user takes on the role of Leander, an extinct American lion, whose mission is to traverse the Southern California landscape collecting food. Along the way Leander encounters several tar pits that he must either jump across or walk through. The temperature of the tar dictates whether the player will get stuck in the tar should he attempt to cross it. Running and stomping on the interactive mat makes Leander run, leap and attack.
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Adult playing "Trouble in the Tar Pits" a custom interactive experience developed for the Santa Maria Discovery Museum.