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“Our goal was to connect and stimulate learning using play to disguise research of the tar pits. We have given personality and life through skillful animation technique and inspired visitors to expend their own energy to ‘save Leander.’ There’s life and death drama in this creation!!!! “
— Cindy Ransick, Director of the Santa Maria Valley (California) Discovery Museum

“The Barn Owl Project is a fun educational experience for both kids and adults. It's perfect for our Nature Center - it helps us to deliver our message. It gets the heart rate up and the blood pressure down!”
— P.J. Skehan, Director of the Vermont Institute of Natural Sciences Nature Center

“I had really high expectations hearing [about the Barn Owl Exhibit], but it
has absolutely exceeded all of my expectations….What’s wonderful about it is that most computer based interactives tend to be passive where its just one person hitting a key or moving a mouse, but this is really amazing, because it gets the whole body involved. You are reading, listening and thinking but you are moving at the same time, which is an incredible combination. Very few zoo interactives get all the senses engaged like this one does. It’s really remarkable.”
— Anthea Lavalle, Director of Education, Franklin Park Zoo

“The Barn Owl Project is truly a unique and innovative approach to educating children of all ages on the topic of owls. Besides the creative aspects of this project, it is physically and mentally challenging. When you first begin following Larry’s direction you think as an adult….’oh this will be a piece of cake’ then you realize the attention to detail and coordination that one has to have in order to be successful from one stage to the next. Larry tested my focus, coordination skills and made me giggle the whole way through.”
— Stacy Sweeney, President, New England Institute of Art

"It has absolutely exceeded all of my expectations..."